{ ffwd } creamy mushrooms and eggs


What a crazy day yesterday was. C-R-A-Z-Y. I took the morning flight from Singapore to Jakarta to pick up Bébé from my mother’s place where she had spent the last two weeks. She was beaming and seemed to have gained weight. My mother obviously had fed her well. I was very happy to see her. She seemed happy to see me too. We spent the early afternoon together with my mother and by late afternoon we were to catch the 4 o’clock flight back to Singapore. Everything went well when we got to the airport. I had packed everything we needed for the short hour flight back to Singapore. Milk supply, check. Blanket, check. Baby Einstein videos uploaded to my tablet, check, check, check.

Bébé had had a big lunch. She was relaxed and seemed ready to doze off at the boarding gate. I of course tried to keep her awake so that she could take her nap during the flight rather. FYI, this was not the first time we travelled alone. Bébé took her first flight to Jakarta at the mere age of 3 months. Since then, she has been to Vietnam once, and Jakarta many a times. You must think that by now I should have mastered the art of flying with Bébé with a minimum fuss. Well so did I to the point that I often bragged about it to fellow mothers in my building. That is,  until they delayed my flight for almost 2 hours (!!). As you can probably imagine, everything went downhill from there straight to the fiery wrath of hell. Struggling to keep her awake before the flight, I entertained Bébé with pictures and videos from my tablet. But after 3 replays of “Baby Einstein numbers nursery”, Bébé grew bored and demanded one thing and one thing only: MILK. Like a furious child, she downed her supply of milk before I can even salvage a drop for the flight home. Doom was upon me and doomed I was.

The one hour something flight was the longest most horrible flight I ever took in my whole life. My baby kept crying demanding for more milk when I had none. She threw away the biscuit I offered her. I dared not turn my head to see whose lap/head it landed upon. My Baby Einstein videos of which I had only high hopes, couldn’t rescue me from the piercing unapologetic glares of 4B, 4C and 5C. I glanced angrily at 6A who literally gave two thumbs up to the 4-year old sitting behind me for being so “nice and quiet”. To make matters worse, Bébé’s “ultra protection” diaper chose the worst moment ever to lower it’s guard. I had no choice but to retreat to the plane’s washroom. Now, I am one of those people who get cold sweats when using the bathroom on a plane in case the loo decided to suck me out of the plane or something. I guess my daughter feels the same way for she screamed and screamed and did not stop until we were tucked safe in a baby nursing room somewhere in terminal 1 Changi airport. I vowed to never let myself go through all that again, at least not without my husband.

So where does this traumatising experience lead me on Food Revolution Day? I woke up feeling tired and sore from carrying Bébé all night long (she is a hefty 10kg bundle of joy now). I certainly wasn’t in the mood of cooking something fancy. I needed a quick and comforting fix, done in a jiffy, preferably during Bébé’s morning nap. And of course! Creamed mushrooms on buttery toast. This was an FFwD assignment from earlier this month that I had missed. And I’m so glad I made this. It was quick, easy, and most importantly yummy. I used a variety of Asian mushrooms: Brown Bunashimeji, Shiitake and Oyster. The mint did surprise me but in a good way. The poached egg yielded another layer of richness and comfort to the toast.

The only problem I had with this dish was poaching the egg. I’m not even going to pretend and tell myself that I did a good job with the egg because I didn’t. The hard truth is that I am a lousy poacher. I have always been. My egg fell apart as soon as it hit the water and I overcooked the yolk slightly. I did not even bother with the ruffly egg option because I’ve tried it before. And because I am that lousy, it did not work for me either. Believe you me, I have watched every how-to videos, did every trick in the book, still there is no saving me. But because I love poached eggs, I poached one, despite my lousiness. It wasn’t a beautifully poached egg, but it certainly wasn’t bad either. I ate two toasts, and blitzed the rest of the mushrooms to make a Bébé-friendly mushroom risotto. I served it to her for lunch. She did not flinch.

Creamy Mushrooms and Eggs (in 5 steps)

  1. You first slather some bread with butter and toast them until nice and golden. You can use any kind of bread. I used a multigrain country loaf.
  2. Next, sweat shallots with a little olive oil. Add in the mushrooms until they have rendered their juice.
  3. Then you add some heavy cream and herbs (rosemary and mint, or anything you’d like). Cook to a boil until the cream has thickened. Don’t forget to season.
  4. Now poach an egg.
  5. Serve the mushrooms on toast and top it with a poached egg. Et voilà! A much needed quick lunch for one.

The complete recipe can be found in Dorie Greenspan’s “Around My French Table”.

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31 thoughts on “{ ffwd } creamy mushrooms and eggs

  1. Oh, that sounds like a trying plane ride! I’m glad you had something comforting and delicious to eat when you got home. I don’t think your poached egg looks bad at all, either.

  2. So sorry for your horrible plane ride! Glad you were able to make this comforting dish for yourself. This dish was a keeper for me…we loved it! Yours looks wonderfully delicious and your egg looks perfect!

    • Yes, the dish was very good. It was especially comforting after that horrible flight. I will be making it again for sure. It’ll give me an excuse to practice my poaching technique.

  3. Beautiful presentation of the creamy mushrooms (I believe they are “enoki”) – what a dreadful, stressful plane ride – I must say that I can relate though, I took four small kids on a transatlantic flight once…there was noo way I would have even considered cooking so much as an egg after our arrival in Frankfurt – seriously, glad that you enjoyed this comfort style, delicious recipe and nice to celebrate Food Revolution Day that way!

  4. I am so sorry to hear the ordeal you shared- I was already worried when you said the milk supply ran out. Egads what a horrible notion of hours of impending doom. But I am glad that you shared how after an incredibly exhausting, stress filled day- we still need to eat. Home cooked, simple (ok, poached eggs I am NOT looking at you here….) and healthy is the way to go and I am so proud that you managed to knock that out after all you have been through. It is 100% inspiring to the rest of us. THANKS !!!

  5. Our FR dishes are practically related! Do see my post for my secret to a perfect runny egg each time. Skip the poaching. Go with STEAMING. Anyway, this looks lovely and I so loved it too. The mint was a revelation to me. A revolution even. Lookin’ good!

  6. Oh, travelling with little ones can be tough, can’t it? I can taking my girls on long car rides by myself and always hoping that they would sleep most of the trip.
    Your recovery meal the next day is lovely.

    • The good thing about car rides though is that you can always pull over when things get a little too rowdy. And there are no passengers who rudely just stare at you making you feel that you’re some kind of child abuser. Sigh…

  7. Honestly, honestly, I did not even smile or giggle when I read your Post. I’m sure every Mother who read it has a similar story to tell. It’s a rite of passage, I guess. My daughter used to fly with my grandaughters into Aspen in a small plane. It’s a bumpy ride into high altitude. They screamed – their ears hurt. She dreaded those trips. So I feel your pain through her recent experiences. I think being alone is tough. If your husband had been along you could have shared the burden. Yeah, don’t go without him. Your child doesn’t even remember the flight but it will always be in your memory bank. Welcome to Motherhood! Your Revolution Day 2013 recipe is a good one. We all liked it also so am glad you made it. That you could make a risotto out of the leftovers is something I never thought about. Great idea.

  8. Travel eh – it really has no mercy. I am glad you and baby survived the trip, and you got home to make the most wonderful looking egg and mushrooms – I want this!

  9. I feel your pain, if it’s any consolation I’ve been there and it’s no fun!!! On a bright note-you’ve made one delicious looking creamy mushroom and egg dish! Congratulations- isn’t it wonderful to eat really well after a traumatizing plane ride with a little one !?!

  10. OH my….. that looks heavenly…. this could be breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and late-night snack all at the same time….

  11. Oh we had a plane ride like that earlier this year with my two young girls but we were stuck on the same flight for 8 hours, so you can imagine the delight of the other passengers! LOL! It happens to everyone at some point and at least you got through it and had some lovely eggs to boot!

    I had an issue poaching eggs too until I started using a deeper pot with a touch of vinegar in it and I crazily whisk a vortex into the center and carefully drop my egg from a small dish into the center of the vortex so the whites all poach as one with a small tail and envelope the yolk and I can only do one at a time so cooking for a large crowd takes awhile, or if we want more than one poached egg each, but at least they turn out! 🙂

    I hope you master that skill to your liking eventually! 🙂

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