{ ffwd } anne leblanc’s pistachio avocado


Wow. This was fun! Easy, simple, hardly a recipe, but WOW. So so good. The avocado was buttery and creamy. The chopped pistachios and sel de Guérande gave a nice crunchy texture. The lime juice added a slight brightness to the avocado. But the pistachio oil.. the pistachio oil was.. a revelation. A beautiful hue of green, the aroma and taste mimic the nut with which it was infused. I could eat this stuff by the spoonful. Put together, the whole dish came out perfectly. Delicious. Rich. Slightly decadent without being over the top. I should have known, but pistachio is the other soulmate of avocado (the first of course, being raw salmon). They go so well together and complement each other in the most harmonious way. I only had one avocado for a quick lunch, but of course instantly regretted for not buying two or three. And I could definitely picture this as a very elegant appetiser when the boss comes over for dinner.

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week 4: indonesian street food


credit photo: phingelicious.com

Let me begin by proclaiming that: I LOVE STREET FOOD!! I love love love it. Andrew Zimmern and Anthony Bourdain – for going rogue and promoting street food culture the unfussy way- are my culinary heroes, although sometimes they do over-rate food joints/ dishes for the sake of television.

Believe you me, when it comes to street food, I am a true believer. And I hope to preach the gospel of street food to every corner of the globe. So hear me roar!! There’s nothing I love more in travelling than discovering an array of unique delicious street food in a new city. There’s no better and faster way to get you to mingle with the locals than flocking the food carts by the dozen. I therefore standby my moto when travelling: “That stone monument will always be there, but that lady selling mouth watering bowls of noodles is about to run out!”

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summer blush


I went to the market the other day and was strolling along, basket in hand, humming quietly, keeping my eyes open for some Thai basil. Then suddenly I stopped. Right in front of me was a pile of purplish round fruits. Some were cracked open, revealing a thick interior red skin and white fluffy segments of flesh. Seeing the flesh alone reminded me of its creamy, sweet yet slightly tart taste. Of course I could not help myself. Seeing a true nature’s delicacy, I immediately filled my basket with fruit after fruit after fruit. Yes, it’s the Queen of Fruits (aka the mangosteen) and her season is upon us. Oh, rejoice!! Well.. actually by us, I mean those of us who live close enough to Southern Thailand…

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