Great, another cooking blog. What is it with people blogging about food and what they ate for lunch/dinner/midnight snack? I mean, does the world (wide web) need another cooking blog? Well, not really.. but one more (or a few thousands more at that matter) couldn’t hurt right? I’m also doing this so I can keep track of what I made, when, where and how my family devoured it (by visibly trying to just swallow the food without it touching their tongue, or with tears of joy in their eyes).

Anyway, the reasoning is simple and banal: I love cooking. I have many cookbooks. Too many cookbooks. And I keep piling them high every year. I need to make other uses of them beside making a coffee table out of them. And sometimes I travel. After those travels, more often than not, I feel the urge to replicate some dishes I found in the places I travelled to. For the time being the current goal is to blog 52 weeks worth of food, sometimes inspired by my travels and culinary journeys, other times by my Indonesian roots and mostly by ingredients I already have on hand. I’ve also lived in France for 8 years and first learnt to cook there as a young adult, so you’ll be seeing a lot of French stuff as well. Each week will have a different theme with  5 days worth of dishes (what? Even my husband doesn’t expect me to cook every single day of the week). I also won’t be blogging everyday though mind you, but I’ll try to keep it up as much as I can.

If you like what you see here, and would like to use my materials, please link appropriately. The food blog community should be a fun place where bloggers support each other’s work. These blank pages should be a place where we let each of our individualities shine, through our own pictures and recipes. Taking pictures and/or recipes and claiming them as your own is just despairing and misses the whole point of blogging. It also makes me very sad 😦

So enough with the serious stuff. Without further ado (I hate writing about myself!), here I present “The Spicy Lemongrass”. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you stay a while 🙂

Ayu (currently in Singapore)