beef stewed in turmeric-ginger broth (pindang daging) a.k.a the ugly stew


After only 19 months of motherhood, I still very much am a novice. I might not be as clueless as when I first started out, but sometimes after a hissy fit or food being spat on my carpet and/or face, Bébé would make me feel like I’ve gained zero knowledge on motherhood. You might think that after more than a year of preparing solid meal for my terrible monkey of a toddler, I should know by now what works and what doesn’t. Well, it turns out I don’t. Every meal I prepare for Bébé has a 50% chance of wounding up on my carpet instead of in her belly. Remember way back when I bragged said that Bébé was such a good eater that she would even engulf unseasoned mashed steamed broccoli in a heartbeat? Well, scrap that. Fast-forward 12 months later and the monkey-toddler would sniff her food and give it a little lick before deciding if it’s worth her time. I wonder where she got this from. The National Geographics Channel??!

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classic galette sablée de breton


Hey peeps. Remember this? This evil creation that is a cross between a cookie and a cake so buttery you’d be wanting to gnaw on carrot sticks for the rest of the evening? Well, as luck would have it, turns out that I have carrots in my fridge that could be put to good use. Oh and butter too. Lots of it.

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{ ffwd } pearl barley and tuna salad


I know, I sometimes have a hard time following a recipe, but I have an even harder time following this week’s FFwD assignment. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE duck breast. And I know I would love duck breast WITH fresh peaches even better. I even bought the fresh peaches to prove it. But duck breasts were just a hard find here in Singapore. I could find whole ducks at my local supermarket but I didn’t feel like spending money on a whole duck, let alone butchering it all on my own (head and all). And I didn’t want to commit to eating and cooking duck for the rest of the week either. So I made something else. And was glad I did.

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