{ ffwd } tuna-packed roasted pepper + duck breast with fresh peaches


When I first learned that we were making tuna-packed piquillo pepper for this week’s FFwd, I thought to myself: YUM! That sounds fantastic! But.. what is piquillo pepper again? I quickly googled it and remembered having had this for a quick lunch in the Spanish coastal town of San Sebastian, almost a decade ago. It was stuffed with a ricotta-like kind of cheese. I remembered liking it, but I also remembered liking the 12 euro glass of white wine even more. And that was my first and only encounter with piquillo pepper. Despite having spent a good chunk of my young-adult life in France (8 years to be exact), I have never come across piquillo pepper on the other side of the Pyrénées. Maybe it might have been more common in the French Basque region.. But still, I never saw it on any menu there, although I used to venture to Biarritz almost every other weekend.

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hoisin chicken with red pepper and fried shallots


I know I know, the whole world is against the boneless skinless chicken breast – often referred lovingly as the BS chicken breast. In a way, I can understand why some (most?) people hate it. It’s unforgiving. Cook it a minute too long and it will be as dry and tough as the advice your aunt gave you during your rebellious teen years.

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chicken and mushroom noodles [mie ayam jamur]


Quick post today. This is the first recipe out of the “Indonesian Street Food” week. It is as you can probably see, Chinese inspired. A very popular dish that you can get anywhere in Java. Not so sure outside of Java though. Mostly sold by ambulant vendors pushing their cart in the afternoon, under the glaring sun (bless those people). Some versions include a fried wonton skin (aka pangsit in Bahasa Indonesia). I bought a packet of wonton skin and tried frying it but the end result revealed that too much baking soda was used in the wonton skin. It tasted bitter. I would definitely not buy that brand again. So, unfortunately this time, I didn’t include the pangsit. But it is still tasty nonetheless.

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