beef stewed in turmeric-ginger broth (pindang daging) a.k.a the ugly stew


After only 19 months of motherhood, I still very much am a novice. I might not be as clueless as when I first started out, but sometimes after a hissy fit or food being spat on my carpet and/or face, Bébé would make me feel like I’ve gained zero knowledge on motherhood. You might think that after more than a year of preparing solid meal for my terrible monkey of a toddler, I should know by now what works and what doesn’t. Well, it turns out I don’t. Every meal I prepare for Bébé has a 50% chance of wounding up on my carpet instead of in her belly. Remember way back when I bragged said that Bébé was such a good eater that she would even engulf unseasoned mashed steamed broccoli in a heartbeat? Well, scrap that. Fast-forward 12 months later and the monkey-toddler would sniff her food and give it a little lick before deciding if it’s worth her time. I wonder where she got this from. The National Geographics Channel??!

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{ ffwd } bd. raspail corn on the cob + eggplant caviar


This week’s French Fridays with Dorie recipe was incredibly simple. And I was actually thankful for that. My mother in law is currently here for a visit and being a true Asian at heart (and stomach!), she has a hard time eating anything that doesn’t have rice in it. Which means that for the past few days there has been a lot of stir-frying around here. And I mean A LOT.

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{ ffwd } (not) dieter’s tartine

DSC_26411As you can probably tell, I haven’t done much cooking around here. I just got back from travelling around two weeks ago and haven’t really cooked since. To be honest I haven’t cooked at all since my departure to Indonesia. That makes almost 2 months of absence in the kitchen (gasp!!)! Well okay, I fry eggs and toast my bread for breakfast. But we wouldn’t start calling that cooking would we? Let me just say that I’ve had my mind on something else other than cooking lately. But we’ve been eating out way more than I’d like to admit. Especially to the same old restaurant for several days in a row. And especially when the waiter starts throwing winks at you. I take that as a sign that something critical needs to be done, in my own kitchen. Gah! I miss cooking!

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