{ ffwd } bowls of soup


It’s been a while since I’ve participated in FFwD. Life and new projects have been keeping me busy these past couple of months. I feel slightly guilty about this. I’ve been wanting to post something for quite some time now but lately the scheduled recipes require that I trek to specialty stores downtown. I know that it’s a little extra effort I’ve signed up for when I joined this group but frankly these past few weeks have been so crazy that I just want to cook something simple, with ingredients that are readily available from my local grocery store around the corner. But me wanting something simpler doesn’t mean that I’ve put away my AMFT. In fact lots of Dorie recipes are quite simple and I’ve made lots of them recently. In an attempt to get my groove back into blogging, I’d like to share some of those photos with you. And although I’m not posting the correct recipe for this week’s FFwD, I’ll at least honour the theme: soup! Glorious bowls of soup.

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roasted celery soup – a sweeter version

cel soup

Do you often buy a big bunch of celery with lots of delicious intentions in mind, and then let them hang out in the fridge for more than a week before you finally notice their sad wilting leaves, only this time you have no mouth-watering inspiration up your sleeves? Well this recipe is going to save your celeries from their sad state.

I first noticed this gorgeous recipe when it won the Food52 “YOUR BEST CELERY” contest. The winner, inpatskitchen, frequently posts many delectable recipes on the site. But this one, this one really caught my eye. Yes, in part because I was desperate to deliver those sad looking celery stalks I had in my fridge from their miseries. And also because… well I’ve never had a celery soup before. I’ve eaten them roasted, in a salad, thrown chunks of it in a soup with carrots and other things, but never ROASTED and then TURNED INTO a soup. It sounded delicious.

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chicken nanban


When I was a poor student in Paris, me and my then (also struggling) boyfriend (now my husband) used to love to hunt for great yet easy-on-the-pocket eateries in the city. One of our favourite joint was this Japanese canteen tucked up in the heart of the very chic quarter that is Opéra. My husband would order udon or ramen, and I would almost always order chicken nanban: gingery fried chicken pieces (aka chicken karaage) in a spicy sour broth with a serving of tartar sauce on the side. A small bottle of cold sake would accompany our very satisfying date-meal.

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