{ ffwd } bowls of soup


It’s been a while since I’ve participated in FFwD. Life and new projects have been keeping me busy these past couple of months. I feel slightly guilty about this. I’ve been wanting to post something for quite some time now but lately the scheduled recipes require that I trek to specialty stores downtown. I know that it’s a little extra effort I’ve signed up for when I joined this group but frankly these past few weeks have been so crazy that I just want to cook something simple, with ingredients that are readily available from my local grocery store around the corner. But me wanting something simpler doesn’t mean that I’ve put away my AMFT. In fact lots of Dorie recipes are quite simple and I’ve made lots of them recently. In an attempt to get my groove back into blogging, I’d like to share some of those photos with you. And although I’m not posting the correct recipe for this week’s FFwD, I’ll at least honour the theme: soup! Glorious bowls of soup.

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hoisin chicken with red pepper and fried shallots


I know I know, the whole world is against the boneless skinless chicken breast – often referred lovingly as the BS chicken breast. In a way, I can understand why some (most?) people hate it. It’s unforgiving. Cook it a minute too long and it will be as dry and tough as the advice your aunt gave you during your rebellious teen years.

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herbed roast chicken with 40 cloves of garlic

40 cloves

This blog is officially on steroids. Not only am I posting twice today, but the first recipe I’m sharing for our picnic themed week is roast chicken. With 40 cloves of garlic. Yeah. You read me right. Four-ty. Now if you didn’t know this already, whole unpeeled garlic caramelises when roasted, leaving a mellow sweetness, denuded of its pungent quality. If you’ve never tried it before, I urge you to really give this recipe a go.

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