{ ffwd } bowls of soup


It’s been a while since I’ve participated in FFwD. Life and new projects have been keeping me busy these past couple of months. I feel slightly guilty about this. I’ve been wanting to post something for quite some time now but lately the scheduled recipes require that I trek to specialty stores downtown. I know that it’s a little extra effort I’ve signed up for when I joined this group but frankly these past few weeks have been so crazy that I just want to cook something simple, with ingredients that are readily available from my local grocery store around the corner. But me wanting something simpler doesn’t mean that I’ve put away my AMFT. In fact lots of Dorie recipes are quite simple and I’ve made lots of them recently. In an attempt to get my groove back into blogging, I’d like to share some of those photos with you. And although I’m not posting the correct recipe for this week’s FFwD, I’ll at least honour the theme: soup! Glorious bowls of soup.

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chicken and mushroom noodles [mie ayam jamur]


Quick post today. This is the first recipe out of the “Indonesian Street Food” week. It is as you can probably see, Chinese inspired. A very popular dish that you can get anywhere in Java. Not so sure outside of Java though. Mostly sold by ambulant vendors pushing their cart in the afternoon, under the glaring sun (bless those people). Some versions include a fried wonton skin (aka pangsit in Bahasa Indonesia). I bought a packet of wonton skin and tried frying it but the end result revealed that too much baking soda was used in the wonton skin. It tasted bitter. I would definitely not buy that brand again. So, unfortunately this time, I didn’t include the pangsit. But it is still tasty nonetheless.

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imperial rolls


WHOA!! Did these babies just come out of my kitchen? Soft, juicy, umami meat filling, in a crispy, golden rice paper. Wrapped in a blanket of lettuce and herbs then dipped into a sweet, savoury dipping sauce. It’s an explosion of flavour and texture in your mouth I tell you. And you know you’ve hit a home run when:

– your significant other is more than willing to go down to the grocery shop to pick up extra lettuce and herbs after just one bite of the supreme roll

– 20 rolls that could easily feed 4 to 6 people were gobbled down in a flash by two very greedy hungry people (ahem)

– there is no sound to be heard around the table except for the crackling sound of rice paper when one bites into one

– the look of pure bliss can still be seen in your significant other’s face (complete with dipping sauce still dripping off his chin) 5 minutes after dinner has finished

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