{ ffwd } bowls of soup


It’s been a while since I’ve participated in FFwD. Life and new projects have been keeping me busy these past couple of months. I feel slightly guilty about this. I’ve been wanting to post something for quite some time now but lately the scheduled recipes require that I trek to specialty stores downtown. I know that it’s a little extra effort I’ve signed up for when I joined this group but frankly these past few weeks have been so crazy that I just want to cook something simple, with ingredients that are readily available from my local grocery store around the corner. But me wanting something simpler doesn’t mean that I’ve put away my AMFT. In fact lots of Dorie recipes are quite simple and I’ve made lots of them recently. In an attempt to get my groove back into blogging, I’d like to share some of those photos with you. And although I’m not posting the correct recipe for this week’s FFwD, I’ll at least honour the theme: soup! Glorious bowls of soup.

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{ ffwd } bd. raspail corn on the cob + eggplant caviar


This week’s French Fridays with Dorie recipe was incredibly simple. And I was actually thankful for that. My mother in law is currently here for a visit and being a true Asian at heart (and stomach!), she has a hard time eating anything that doesn’t have rice in it. Which means that for the past few days there has been a lot of stir-frying around here. And I mean A LOT.

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grilled corn with sriracha-cilantro butter


I woke up feeling blue yesterday. I had this really strange dream that included meeting a very unpleasant woman that apparently had something I desperately wanted. Anyway the dream ended in a cliff-hanger sort of fashion and I woke up feeling more than restless. And I sensed that this restlessness will stay to haunt me throughout the week. I refused however to let that feeling bully me. So I started to read Nate Silver’s “The Signal and The Noise” that I picked up recently. FYI, I’m a political science geek who spent the last five years immersed in research on political parties and Nate Silver sure looks hot to me.

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