{ ffwd } marie-hélène’s apple cake + nutella tartine

ImageA fruity week this week. And a rogue one as well. Yes, what you see up there is not the expected apple rice pudding. I’m not a big fan of rice pudding and although I am willing to give it a try, I just didn’t feel like making it this week. Reading through the recipe list, it seemed just a tad bit too complicated for my very hectic week. But I did have another apple dessert in mind.

I actually did this rather on a whim. I was actually going to skip this week’s FFwD, but really couldn’t bear the thought of having yet again another recipe to catch up. After all, I had all those apples sitting in my fridge for more than a week, just begging for attention. So I turned to one of the very first recipes done on FFwD: Marie-Hélène’s Apple Cake. And would you believe, I made this at 11 pm before I went to bed, exhausted after a long day. It was that easy. Well okay… I did grumble while chopping the apples. But that’s about the most difficult part. The rest was just a breeze. I popped it in the oven, and off to bed I went. Well in truth, I woke up every quarter hour because I always feel uneasy about having the oven turned on when everybody’s asleep. When it was finally done, I gladly went to bed again.

We had this for breakfast and the first thing that came to mind was: wow BOOZY! I liked it. But the texture kinda threw me off. It was bread-pudding-y… clafoutis-like. It reminded me of a Sharlotka. Not something I expected from a “French” apple cake. And because I used just one kind of apple, I did not have that “surprise” in every bite. My favourite part was the crust. So I decided to put it back in the oven for another half hour or so. It still came out pudding-y but the texture did improve a bit to my taste. My husband didn’t really like it, although he appreciated all the rum that went in it. I guess we both liked the taste but not so much for the texture.. A miss this time.


The next morning I made another easy recipe from Dorie – Nutella Tartine. I used fresh oranges, subbed peach jam for the marmalade and used pecans instead of hazelnuts. It was simple, fresh yet felt fancy enough for a weekend breakfast.


16 thoughts on “{ ffwd } marie-hélène’s apple cake + nutella tartine

  1. Sorry the cake wasn’t a hit for you. It’s one of my favorites. I LOVE your idea of putting fresh orange slices on the nutella tartine. That sounds delightful.

  2. One apple cake + one Nutella tartine more than make up for not doing the rice pudding. I was surprised that your husband didn’t like the apple cake. I haven’t made it either but it is a favorite of most the Doristas. In fact, it’s apple season and I might give it a go. Didn’t you love the tartine. I made it and served it during Super Bowl 2012 and it was a big hit. Funny, I haven’t done it since although I have this huge jar of Nutella in my pantry. Your Post pictures are very, very pretty.

  3. Great minds think a like… this cake was a hit at my house more so than rice pudding would have been. I’m wondering if I put the full amount of rum in the cake because I didn’t find it boozy at all and my kids ate it? You might try it with just one tablespoon of rum for flavor.

  4. Both the apple cake and the tartine look quite delicious. Sorry you did not care for the cake too much. I haven’t made either of these recipes since the original posting and I really should try to revisit them now. This is a great time for baking. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. This apple cake has become a staple at our house – I have baked it so many times that I lost count. I usually use four different kinds of apple and it is alway a hit – but tasts are so different and your version does look very pretty – and so does your interpretation of the Nutella tartine.
    Have a good week!

  6. the tartine would make for a fancy breakfast treat! 🙂 Hmm… something to watch for when I makeup the apple cake…! 😉 have a great week!

  7. Great choices for the autumn and I can totally relate about being busy yet not wanting to fall behind. I love how you took that and decided to go back and do some make ups that you family could enjoy. Sorry though that the apple cake was not a huge hit. This was enjoyed in our home the first time around but was also special because it was the first recipe we did with the FFWD group. My how time has flied. And btw- your photos are GORGEOUS.– Tricia

  8. I didn’t like the texture too…I find it a tad too moist and it’s now in the oven for 2nd time baking. I like the boozy taste though. Will accompany it with vanilla ice-cream!

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