{ ffwd } (not) dieter’s tartine

DSC_26411As you can probably tell, I haven’t done much cooking around here. I just got back from travelling around two weeks ago and haven’t really cooked since. To be honest I haven’t cooked at all since my departure to Indonesia. That makes almost 2 months of absence in the kitchen (gasp!!)! Well okay, I fry eggs and toast my bread for breakfast. But we wouldn’t start calling that cooking would we? Let me just say that I’ve had my mind on something else other than cooking lately. But we’ve been eating out way more than I’d like to admit. Especially to the same old restaurant for several days in a row. And especially when the waiter starts throwing winks at you. I take that as a sign that something critical needs to be done, in my own kitchen. Gah! I miss cooking!

Let’s not even talk about the many FFwD recipes that I’ve missed this month. Would you believe that I was even going to miss this week’s recipe? I was going to pull the usual lame excuse: Oh I’ve no time! Then I thought to myself that time was not really an issue. Any self-respecting dorista would pull this off in no time. It is just too simple to be missed. It takes seconds to assemble and even faster to devour.

I have to admit though that I don’t care much for “diet” food. First words that come to mind are bland, boring and beurk (although it might not necessarily be true). I’ve never even been on a real diet. Rather than go through the emotional torture that is diet, I prefer to eat everything (with moderation of course) and then go burn it off later with a game of tennis. Anyway, the problem with this recipe for me had less to do with it being a “diet” food and more with the use of cottage cheese. Like always, I wanted flavours. Big bold flavours. And cottage cheese just wasn’t going to cut it for me (sorry, I’m really just not a fan). So I subbed it with full cream goat cheese (heck yeah!). And remember those divine pistachio oil? Well I made some more and splashed it on top of my (not so) dieter’s tartine. The result was a kick-ass breakfast. I will definitely be making this again.

Now if you’ll excuse me, the gym is calling my name.

(Not) Dieter’s Tartine (in 5 steps)

  1. Slice a piece of bread. You can toast it if you’d like.
  2. Dice a tomato and a little cucumber. Try not to include the seeds.
  3. Dump them into a bowl along with some herbs (thyme, chives, anything you like). Add a couple of splash of olive oil/ any other flavourful oil. I used pistachio oil. Add a touch of pepper and a shake of salt.
  4. Put some slices of goat cheese on top of your bread, then top it off with the cucumber/tomato mix.
  5. You’re good to go!

The complete recipe can be found in Dorie Greenspan’s “Around My French Table”.

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11 thoughts on “{ ffwd } (not) dieter’s tartine

  1. Love this post. I am so with you about playing catch up on FFWD as well as struggling to get back on board in the kitchen. In addition to traveling I have been juggling the lack of a schedule where both kids are now working weird hours and when they are home, they usually try to catch up with friends somewhere so are not sticking around for dinner. Perhaps I need to lure them back with some yummy cooking….. Also, I totally would have bailed on many a week- were it not for Nana being so productive and having something to post. It helps keep me in a routine and off Pinterest in the little free time I have 🙂 PS- goat cheese=way to go !! ~Tricia

  2. I’ve never truly been on diet before either. I just cut back on what I eat and yes, I love to burn calories off with a good game of tennis. Though my tennis partners have been very erratic in their schedules lately. The biggest frustration of the game… you actually need a partner to play. Well, I love your tasty version, I tried the cottage cheese and it really was palatable with the sour cream mixed into it.

  3. Pistachio oil……now that’s a plan. I’m off the diet train also. Just cannot do it anymore. I did like the cottage cheese/sour cream combo. Didn’t go with the non-fat, however. I used the full-on normal kinds. Others used goat cheese and I think that’s a great idea. Since I have all the makin’s plus goat cheese in the fridge, I think I will give that a go tomorrow. Welcome back to the Dorista kitchen.

  4. Your photos are so beautiful, I love the colours!
    I have to admit I tend to shy away from diet foods for all the same reasons.
    And we have just had another round of school holidays and I’m just returning to the kitchen as well! We ended up at same take away for a couple of nights too! I’m so glad I’m not the only one 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. As a blogger it’s always nice to receive compliments on your photos 🙂
      And no, you’re definitely not the only one trying to break away from the take-out rut. I’m slowly dragging myself back to the kitchen and it feels good to cook again! Have a great week!

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