{ ffwd } asparagus soup

asp soup

It’s a long weekend here in Singapore. Hooray for long weekends! We’re going to take Bébé to see the birds at Jurong Bird Park. She has developed a fascination for all things with wings recently. She would stop to watch the pigeons in front of our apartment and we would have to drag her away or she would have stayed the whole afternoon. This fascination with birds also coincidentally forayed into her eating habit. She even ate a double portion of chicken nanban the other night. Anyway, since we don’t want to miss the bird show, this post is going to be short and quick.

This week’s French Friday with Dorie pairs perfectly with the sunny day outside. It’s green, it’s fresh, and in this hot humid country I’m living, it’s better served chilled. The asparagus soup was quite simple to make, but it did take me about an hour from start to finish. In all fairness, the last 15 minutes was spent straining the soup through a tamis to get that smooth finish because my asparagus were still a bit woody. Serves me right for not peeling them first. Gotta trust Dorie huh?

I served it warm last night with mixed reviews. I thought that it was okay. Good.. but nothing exceptional. Just.. so-so. Well okay, I was a bit disappointed. It seemed to be lacking something, some oomph, some… excitement. Of course, the bar was set pretty high up after tasting Pat’s roasted celery soup, so I can’t really blame Dorie on this one. My husband’s reaction was even more.. shall I say, pronounced. He took a spoonful of the asparagus soup and said “Blech.. what’s this?!”

However, the integrity of this soup was saved when Bébé took a sip and demanded.. more. She took spoonful by spoonful and got annoyed when I didn’t get the spoon fast enough to her mouth. I finally grabbed a straw and she drank the whole bowl of soup, using the straw! Talk about a success story!

This morning we had the soup again for breakfast (yeah, we’re that kind of family). Chilled this time. Hmm.. Slightly better. But I can’t help thinking that a little lemon juice might be able to brighten the soup some more. My husband managed to finish his bowl. And Bébé still drank hers with a straw, in a glass this time.

Asparagus Soup (in 5 steps)

  1. Blanch your prepped asparagus, reserving the water.
  2. Quickly cook some onions (shallot, leeks, onion) and garlic. Once the onions and garlic are aromatic,  pour in the reserved water and bring to a boil.
  3. And then in goes the asparagus. Cook for a little while.
  4. Blitz away.
  5. Serve warm or chilled, with cream or sans.

The complete recipe can be found in Dorie Greenspan’s “Around My French Table”.

Check out:


37 thoughts on “{ ffwd } asparagus soup

  1. I’m a fan of ANY recipe that a kid will eat. If my son had liked this, I’d have found a way to eat it. He’s dead-set against putting anything green in his mouth, though, so it wasn’t an issue. Thanks for the link on how to make pistachio oil!

  2. I loved this soup warm, and I’m looking forward to trying it cold (if I don’t eat it all first!).

  3. Thank you for your kind words. The tornado has left everyone a bit dazed! I love the photo of your soup in the beautiful glass! I tried it cold for lunch today and liked it but we reheated it for dinner and it was better today! Hope everyone enjoyed the Bird Park!

  4. The soup looks so refreshing in that glass, I’m glad your little one enjoyed it. Hubby and I
    thought it was good and I’m sorry I did not try it cold too. Have a great weekend.

  5. If the weather would warm up, I’d try the leftovers cold, but given that it’s wet and raw, warm soup is perfect for this weekend. How exciting that Bebe has such exotic tastes!

  6. I have a bit more in the refrigerator, and tasted it cold. Definitely better. In fact, I can’t imagine eating a hot soup right now in Singapore!! I hope your trip to the Bird Park was lovely.
    Mine was pretty good, and I served it with some home made corn muffins. Glad it was such a hit with “Bébé”!!

  7. I love when the kiddos do that! my two girls do exactly that with new foods… they have even loved FFWD recipes that my husband and I can’t and won’t eat after I’ve made… LOL!! 🙂

  8. For some reason straining the soup sounds more appealing to me than peeling all of that asparagus. I might try that next time…I love that your daughter enjoyed this soup. How adventurous!

  9. I have an idea. Give your husband a straw. Love your picture. You aren’t the only Dorista that thinks this soup needs a little fire or kick or oomph. I think your daughter is developing into a life-long Birder (there are 43 million hobbyist Birders in the United States). I have to think that the birds in Singapore are gorgeous and brightly-colored. Am I right. I hope you will keep stimulating her interest in nature and everything outdoors. It’s a wonderful place to enjoy life. Now I must hit your Link and see what’s so tasty about this celery soup. Never hears of roasting celery.

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