week 3: le déjeuner sur l’herbe – a french picnic


Le Déjeuner sur l’Herbe – Edouard Manet

Rejoice! For spring has come. And with spring comes primroses, bright new dresses, and asparagus! Which can only mean one thing: a picnic is in order. And a French one that is! Because wine and baguette just look so good on lush green grass don’t you think?

Although I live in Singapore and there is no actual “spring” here, the weather has been softening quite a bit these last few weeks. From heavy torrential rains, we now have cool soft breezes blowing at night. So yes, I’d like to think that we (Singaporeans) are now in “tropical spring”. Isn’t that nice?

And yes! A picnic is definitely in order. Throughout week 4, I will do my best to document dishes that are worthy of that checkered tablecloth. Also, expect some changes in my shooting style. I have changed cameras and am now using a proper DSLR (my husband’s. Don’t ask why I didn’t use it sooner). I have also chosen to concentrate more on the food which means plain white background, simple cutleries, and no more fancy schmancy props. Consider it spring cleaning for my blog. I hope you like the change.


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