javanese chicken porridge [bubur ayam semarang]


Have you heard of Food52? You must have, but I’ll tell you about it anyway. It’s a community-oriented online recipe database where regular homecooks get to share their treasured recipes all in one place. I love it because more often than not, I get inspired by what other homecooks are making for dinner. Not to mention the fun of finding “hidden gems” within the site. Every week (or is it every other week?), Food52 hosts a recipe contest, with a different theme each time. The winning recipe gets to be featured on the site and its yearly book. Although I’ve been a Food52 member since 2011 (and have all-to-often resorted to the site in a last-minute attempt to make dinner), I have never participated in any of their contests, nor have I published any recipe whatsoever on their site. I blame this on early motherhood phase of too-tired-and-bleary-eyed-to-actually-do-anything-else-on-my-sparetime-but-sleep.

Now Bébé is 10 months old and gaining more and more independence by the day it seems. Which means that I also get to enjoy other things out of my spare-time (read: when Bébé is asleep/with her papa/immersed with the ceiling fan) that don’t necessarily involve my bed. She has also been showing a keen interest in food for the past 4 months now, especially food that we (her parents) eat. And I don’t mean to brag or anything (… actually I do.. tee.. hee..) but she’s such a good eater. She even likes beetroot.. yes. BEETROOT.. I, who turned my nose snobbily at beetroot until only a couple of years ago, have a baby who would eat a bowl of pureed beetroot with gusto. I mean, do you realise how awesome that is?! Are you as excited as I am when you see babies and children greedily eating fresh vegetables?

So it is, the coming about of my newest obsession with food and developing recipes.

This week, I’ve decided to give the Food52 contest a go. The theme is : Your best cheap feast. And for me, what better recipe than the humble Javanese Chicken Porridge. It’s cheap (3 cups of rice and 2 chicken thighs are all you need to feed more than 8 people) and it’s certainly a feast with all the condiments that go with it. It’s a recipe from Central Java, often sold in street stalls in Semarang for breakfast. It uses sweet soy sauce (kecap manis) for the base of the chicken broth that would be ladled over the finished dish. It does take time to make, but it’s not difficult at all. And unlike the Chinese version, this porridge is thicker and thus makes a more substantial meal. Anyway, you can find the recipe here. I’ll be continuing my Vietnamese week in the next blog post. Have a good week everyone!


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